An Air operated Booster specifically designed for Oxygen Services. They are used for underwater diving applications, general small volume laboratory boosters and for pressure testing applications.

Oxyten booster - Air operated model

The STANSTED 'MINI-AIR' range (FPG10480) of air/nitrogen driven high pressure Oxygen boosters are suitable for pumping a wide range of industrial gases. The range covers pressures up to 70 MPa (700 bar, 10000 psi) operating from compressed air supplies up to 130 psi (9 bar).

Pumps may be operated singly or in banks of two or more to achieve greater flow rate, if required. They are also ideally suitable for pressure staging, i.e. a low pressure pump, to give high flow rate for filling and establishing an initial pressure, followed by one or more high pressure stages.

Performance table

as booster AO data chart image - not a link

The outlet pressures indicated are the highest appropriate for the model, system may of course be run at lower outlet pressures; in which case inlet pressure may also be reduced, if required, with a proportionate decrease in flow rate.

Inlet pressures are the those appropriate to the quoted flow and are the lowest required for the stated outlet pressure. For single stage models in the first two tables the inlet pressure may be increased up to the maximum outlet pressure with an flow increased, see note in table.

For single stage models, the maximum recommended stage ratio for boosters in heavy duty applications, is 3.3:1 and for peaking applications, i.e. filling vessels 4:1.

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All our boosters are marked - European Conformity.

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