The "hydrive" boosters are hydraulically driven pressure intensifiers with pressurisation up to 14,000 bar. Suitable for use with a wide variety of industrial gas applications, including nitrogen, helium, argon and with special water hydraulic models for oxygen.

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Special systems are available for a wide variety of other process gases: Oxygen, Hydrogen, Methane, Carbon dioxide .. etc.

Frame mounted modules incorporate an industrial hydraulic power pack cycling twin Stansted 850 or 085 series intensifiers. System control, monitoring and diagnostics are built in to ensure safe unattended running. Make an enquiry here

Systems include integral electrically driven power packs but may optionally be supplied with pneumatic and petrol driven prime movements.

Features and Benefits

High Efficiency

Slow running speed for high reliability

Quiet Operation

Low Maintenance

All our boosters are marked - European Conformity.