Gas Boosting Systems Ltd manufactures and supports the "Stansted" range of high pressure gas boosters and gas transfer systems, offering a range of well engineered products whether your application is a small laboratory scale test or large industrial transfer system. Standard and specially adapted models offer a comprehensive range of solutions for huge range of applications, gases and pressures. Talk to us on +44 1279 813459 for expert advice on matching the right gas boosting solution to your application.

Military Specification

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Its special features broaden its use to a large range of military & civil applications where gas transfer is required. Learn more

Air Operated

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A range of air driven boosters, generally small volume for pressure testing applications & Scuba Diving. Learn more

Hydrive Systems

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A range of very high pressure and heavy duty electro-hydraulically driven intensifier gas boosting solutions. Learn more

TC5C and TC10C

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Direct electrical drive eliminates the need for costly drive air compressors with significantly lower energy costs. Learn more

TC15 and TC30C

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Electrically driven boosters which can be supplied worldwide including applications in Zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas. Learn more

TC50C, TC75C and TC100C

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These 5.5 to 11 kW machines compliment our range of boosters which provide solutions from 0.1 kW to over 150 kW and pressures to 1400 MPa. Learn more

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